3 Ultimate Garlic Peeling Tricks – How To Peel A Garlic?

How to peel a Garlic?

Hi guys… Today I am going to share some secrets that will actually make your life much easier. I love to cook, but the cooking process calls for some really annoying activities that take forever… and PEELING A GARLIC is at the top of the list! I adore the flavor of garlic in food and thus, just cannot complete a dish without it. So, I was left with no other ploy than trying different ways by which I can expedite the garlic peeling process. And… I proudly announce that I succeeded!

Here are the three little secrets that can change your life forever …. 3 Ultimate Garlic Peeling Tricks – How To Peel A Garlic?

Trick #1 The Magic of Water

Take a garlic head and pull the desired number of cloves from the bunch (that you want to use for the moment).

How to peel garlic?

Now, submerge these cloves in a small bowl filled with cold water.

How to peel garlic?
Garlic cloves submerged in water

Make sure that the garlic cloves are submerged fully (2 inches deep would do). Keep it like this for 5 minutes and abra ka dabra… The skin of the garlic cloves will loosen automatically and you can peel the skin and cut the hard portion in fraction of seconds. Use your hands or knife for peeling, but trust me, it will be just so swift.

How to peel garlic?
The skin slips off so easily.. even with hands…


Trick #2 Microwave a Bit…

Take a garlic head; take out the needed amount of garlic cloves. Do not Microwave the entire head as this might not help the remaining garlic to stay for later use.

How to peel garlic?

Put the required number of garlic cloves on a microwave friendly dish and heat / microwave for 10 seconds (high).

How to peel garlic?
Preparing to Microwave

And Bingo… you can see the skin loosening and swelling. Take a knife and cut the hard root end off and you can witness the entire skin sliding off easily.

How to peel garlic?
The result was so clean…


Trick #3 Shake it Baby!

Well, this method is quite funny, but yes it works. Intense shaking can peel the skin of garlic and for this you need a jar with a lid OR same size and make bowls.

How to peel garlic?
Two same sized stainless steel bowls…

How to peel off the skin of a garlic head by shaking it? Put one entire garlic head in a jar or a stainless steel bowl (you will need two of them). Do not forget to clean the garlic by peeling of the flaky skin by hands before you start this. Close the jar with the lid or cover the bowl with another same sized bowl to create a sealed bowl. Hold the edges of the bowls to seal it and then start shaking (vigorously).

How to peel garlic?
Sealed Bowl!

Let the garlic clank around in the jar or bowls for about two minutes.

How to peel garlic?
Magic Jar

Open gently and what you see is individual cloves… Wow. Remove waste and cut the hard root edges. Repeat the process to remove the skins completely from the individual cloves as well.

All the above mentioned tricks are tried and tested, so you can just pick any. My personal favorite is the one with ‘water’. Do not forget to share your experiences or tricks below in the comment box!

Happy cooking!

Kanika 🙂


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