5 Most Common Travel Insurance Queries… Now Answered!

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is THE most important thing to buy, before you go for a voyage anywhere. Most of us do not realize its importance, I don’t know why. It was only last week when I was generally advising a friend to take a travel insurance (before he leaves for his Christmas holiday trip), I realized that she had a lot of questions and fallacy about what travel insurance actually is. And After a small survey, I conducted on friends and family, in past one week, she’s not the only one.

Travel insurance is something that I wish I should never need, but still I always go for it before any long or small holiday (For approximately Rs. 200-250). You understand the value of a life insurance, health insurance and also car insurance then why not a TRAVEL INSURANCE???

Ok ay So, How can travel insurance help you… Other than reimbursing you for a stolen camera on trip, sudden return over a mishappening, last minute cancellation of plan due to bad health, Lost luggage and more) Here are some real life stories of people who think it was an amazing decision to take a travel insurance… (Source : Real life reviews shared with a travel insurance Company)

Crisis Onboard Cruise Ship
Onboard what should have been a dream vacation with my wife, I experienced a life threatening medical situation that prompted our ship captain to change the course of the cruise ship to get me to the nearest hospital. After an initial examination at the local hospital in Mexico it was decided I should be airlifted to a hospital in Florida where I was in the ICU for several days. Once my doctors deemed me fit to travel, Travel Guard coordinated a medical escort to assist me on the flight home. Travel Guard took care of all the flight arrangements and ensured I got home safely. The people at Travel Guard are the best, I really can’t say enough about the professionalism and service I experienced. - Richard, CT


Stranded in Cairo
It was 11 p.m. and I was supposed to be flying out of Cairo at 1 a.m. going to Frankfurt on the way back to the US from a great trip. Everything had been going great until this moment. When I got to the airport, the lobby was open and I was able to check in but the security lines were closed. In broken English and hand signals the security guard told me to wait in the lobby until it was closer to my flight time for the security line to open. 11:30 p.m. came by and still no signs of security opening. I waited. 12 a.m. came by and still signs of nothing. I asked again and I got the same answer and hand signals. 12:30 a.m. and I am starting to get very worried. I asked again about when they thought I could get through security because my flight was scheduled to leave at 1 a.m. The security guard left to talk to someone else and returned to tell me that my flight was cancelled. I had no idea what to do. I tried asking why it was cancelled and who I could talk to, but his English was limited and my Arabic was limited to “hello”, “let's go”, and “I love you” so that got me nowhere except stranded without much information.
I sat down thinking that I was going to be stranded there until the service desks were open when I remembered Travel Guard. I called them and got through to a representative, let her know my situation and she handled everything. She called the airlines, found out what happened, got me on another flight at 4 a.m. and everything was settled within 20 minutes. She called me back gave me all the new information and I was set to go! I am so glad I got Travel Guard and am using Travel Guard again for a trip to the Philippines. -Racquel, TX


I had to get home as quickly as possible.
While on vacation I received word that my mother-in law passed away. I was distraught and had to get back home as quickly as possible. I called Travel Guard to inform them of what had happened. I was told that they would handle everything and get me home as quickly as possible. The representative was absolutely wonderful and caring. She worked with me for quite some time to get me the best fare and time possible. I would also like to comment on how quickly and efficient Travel Guard is. I was told I would receive a check no later than a month after the paper work was sent. I did receive the amount promised and within the month. Thank you, I will always use your company when traveling. - Happy Customer, NY

I do not deny from the fact that fuck-ups do happen and it is not always that everyone is happy with their policies or claims. Though there could be varied reasons for the failure – fraud travel insurance company, lack of detailing, misconceptions… blah… blah… Here are 5 most common misconceptions related to travel insurance… Now corrected!

What is travel insurance?

Well, by now you must have got a fair idea of what travel insurance could be. It is an emergency care at the most unexpected time and also keeps you secure for the unforeseen travel troubles. All depends on the policy that you choose; make sure you choose the one that is apt as per your needs. Mind it! Travel insurance is NOT a health insurance or an account that finances your trip.

Travel Insurance is like a health Insurance, right?

No! Travel insurance is not a substitute of your health insurance; it covers only the emergency needs like a sudden accident, dengue or any other sudden crisis. Do not think of a claim for a general physical examination or getting a cap fixed on your tooth.

My Credit Card offers some risk coverage for travelling. Is the travel insurance still a mandate?

A big Yes! Even the best credit cards offer the least risk coverage. Some do offer protection against stolen goods, medical emergency and trip cancellations, if you have booked a trip with that credit card. In case, you want to trust credit card risk coverage, you must dive deeper to understand every bit of it. It might offer a very limited coverage and you end up paying a huge difference. Also, do not forget to activate the policy before you start the trip.

I find the reviews about travel insurance companies to be very confusing. How to know which one is good?

Have you ever read any agreement policies before clicking on that “I Agree” Button? Exactly! Most people do not read their policies and write nasty reviews later on. I am in no way a defender of travel insurance companies, but the reviews online have to be taken with a pinch of salt. When I read most of them, I am forced to believe that most people do not read the policies carefully. You cannot blame a company for the denial, if you approach them with no proof or documents of ownership of what you have lost. It takes a lot of paper work to get your claims settled and you win only if all your ducks are in row.

Does Travel Insurance works in my Home Country?

Well, this depends! What policy you opt and where you can travel to. You need to check this carefully with your insurance company and you might ask for a suitable policy that covers risks as per your requisite. Some travel insurance policies, do cover you at home (for sure if you are a Canadian), but you need to check for limitations.

Got Questions or want to share your experience with travel insurance… Feel free to comment below!


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