5 Winter Essentials For Your Christmas Holiday Trip

touch screen gloves for winter holidays 2015

The nearer is the Christmas, the merrier it becomes. So, you are all set to enjoy your much awaited Christmas holiday trip? Oh! Not to forget the spine chilling winters, you need some pre-arrangements, so the cold should not stop you from travelling and exploring. Well, before you pack your bags, just read this post – “5 winter essentials for your Christmas Holiday trip”. This could be a savior and might help you stylize your looks on this holiday.

#1 A Cozy and Trendy Winter Coat
Well! The chilling cold weather might not allow you to remove this warm overcoat most of the times on your holiday, when you will be out for a spree. This makes the coat one of the major essentials and it has to be trendy. After all, it is the matter of your most photographs!


Winter coat christmas 2015

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#2 Hot Packs or Hand Warmers
Haven’t used a hot pack before? Okay! If you are the one like me who feel extremely cold in winters, you must buy hot hand warmers. These are easily available both online and offline. Slip these in your pockets or hands and you are good to go.
#3 Fancy Yet Warm Pair of Gloves
Now this is my favorite part of the attire. Last Christmas I bought two fancy pair of gloves and they are just so awesome. So, you need to pick a cool pair of gloves as per your choice or personality(Obviously, a perfect match with your winter outfit). Go for finger capped gloves if you want those cozy cute looks and buy a pair of leather gloves for the desired elegance. Also, if you are a phone-addict, I would recommend you to buy finger-touch gloves, if you do not wish to remove the gloves in every few minutes.


touch screen gloves for winter holidays 2015

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#4 Thermals… Your Support System!
I know you don’t find thermals to be stylish… but they are a girls little secret! You can wear just anything over the thermals and can stay warm and comfortable the entire day, no matter what you are up to on this holiday. At least one pair of thermals is highly recommended! It is a worthy investment that can keep you comfy not only on this trip but also the entire season. I know they are not that chic, but could be your warm base to experiment any style!
#5 Boots… Boots… Boots…
Don’t even think of missing these… A pair of warm and comfortable winter boots is a must carry item on the trip. My personal favorite is long boots or knee high boots that give me those desired modish looks. You can also go for a stylish pair of sneakers and should avoid heels for sure. Heels are not apt for many places that you might want to visit on this trip, forget about long walks.


Winter boots for christmas 2015

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Are you excited? Do share your holiday experiences in the comment box below; I would love to hear them.


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