Aegina Island, Greece: Awesome Guide to the best #Romantic Moments @Greece

Aegina Island, Greece


This takes me back to the dreamy memories of my Honeymoon to Greece. Well! I will share my experience at other destinations of this trip later but there is something that tops the list.

My Journey to the Aegina Island, Greece!

Aegina Island, Greece
Peace inside Out…

I visited Greece in June 2015, apparently the best time to visit Greek islands. The first island me and my husband visited was Aegina. We chose this Island because this is indeed that one place that can give you the most Romantic moments of your life. Let me paint a picture of this magical island for you… Read on…

Reaching Aegina

Aegina Island, Greece
My Voyage towards Aegina Island, Greece

Aegina is a serene, beautiful and secluded island in the Saronic Gulf, very close to the mainland (Athens, Greece) especially the port of Pireaus, Greece. We took a ferry to reach the island and that is the only way to reach it (Approx. 60min to 90 min). There are three ports on the Island – Aegina Town, Agia Marina and Souvala. We chose to stay at Aegina only for a day as we were two crazy travelers who wanted to explore most of the Greece in just 8 days. After a hell lot of research, we chose to spend our day at Agia Marina.

The island could be travelled through buses that connect one nook to the other, but to reach any corner you need to go to the town first to take the respective bus. So, the Ferry left us on the port of Agia Marina (A peaceful and not so busy port on the island, unlike Aegina town). Once on Aegina you can enjoy island life but easily leave for day trips to Athens, the Saronic islands – Agistri, Poros & Hydra – and the Peloponnese.

Aegina Island, Greece
The Port…..

The minute I stepped on the island, I knew this gonna be the most romantic day of my life. The first view of the island was so beautiful and calm. We were from a country full of people (India), so this was something worth relishing. The island was not at all a victim of mass tourism and what else can honeymooners ask for. All we could see were Greek visitors on a weekend getaway may be.

Staying at Aegina

We pre-booked our hotel and the owner came to welcome us on the port. Hotel Anatoli was our nest for the day (5 minutes walking from the port)! What an amazing accommodation, I could have not asked for better. The Hotel rooms (especially mine) were facing the Aegan Sea. The view from the balcony was breathtaking; I could see the port, the sea, the sea and the sea till far in different shades of blue.

Aegina Island, Greece
The view from the Balcony… Ah!

The décor of the hotel and room had an oriental bent, which made Anatoli so different from any other hotel on the island. How I found this Hotel? I love travelling and exploring new destinations and for this I surf on internet a lot and one fine day while I was reading about Aegina, I found this Gem (and not at all expensive Hotel). In fact, one interesting fact was told by the hotel owner, when we were leaving back for Athens the next day… “We were the First Indian Couple to stay in that hotel on that island since it was incepted (in 8 years).”
That moment I was filled with a wonderful and proud feeling …. Xoxo…

Aegina Island, Greece
Oriental decor at Hotel Anatoli
Aegina Island, Greece
The Breakfast area at Anatoli…
Aegina Island, Greece
I loved the ambiance….

Places to must see

Great seafood tavernas, beautiful beaches, small fishing villages, popular tourist resorts, cafes, nightlife, archaeological sites, museums and everything you would expect to find on a Greek island… This is Aegina!

Agia Marina beach, which is the oldest and the biggest beach (in length) on this island, is my personal favorite.

Aegina Island, Greece
Me n Hubby @ Agia Marina Beach

Though, the island has many awesome beaches to visit like…

  • Souvala Beach
  • Marathon Beach
  • Pedrika Beach
  • Sarpa Beach

I am now listing the places you must experience, if you visit Aegina:

  • Temple of Aphaia
  • Agios Nektarios Monastery
  • Day trip from Aegina to Agistri, Poros & Hydra
  • Aegina Town
  • Kolona
  • Archaeological Museum of Aegina

Food and Drinks

There is no dearth of delicious food and drinks on the Aegina Island. There are more than enough restaurants and cafes that can be your host offering some real Greek delicacies. My husband is a hardcore non-vegetarian and my love for animals makes me a cool vegetarian. And frankly, food was a concern for me till the time I discovered that Greece has more than required veggie food options to serve me.

Aegina Island, Greece
Amazing view with yummy lunch at Kiriakakis
Aegina Island, Greece
Greek delight…

I went to a couple of restaurants (Kiriakakis restaurant was the best one) during my visit and they not only served great food but also had amazing sea view that made my dining experience the most beautiful one. Candle light dinner on a sea side… what could be more romantic?

P.S. – Every restaurant owner has some cats who can give you company.

Okay… Now I will list down 8 most romantic moments of my day at the island…

Cruise ride to and from Aegina Island… Sitting on the ferry deck with hand in hand and enjoying the views (They are breathtaking)

Aegina Island, Greece
Blue waters all around….

A cup of tea relished on an umbrella table in the balcony with an exotic view in front

Lunch at Kiriakakis with so much beauty around

A long walk holding hands on the Agia Marina beach

Watching sunset together near Temple of Aphaia

A candlelight dinner on the sea side with live violin played by the restaurant

A fun bath at the private beach of the Hotel

And… Shhh! The bed and room was decorated so beautifully…

Aegina Island, Greece
Hahahahaahah… I loved the bed!

Some memorable clicks captured during the journey…

Aegina Island, Greece
Surrounded by Beauty…..
Aegina Island, Greece
Streets of Aegina… No Crowd!
Aegina Island, Greece
Love @first sight!
Aegina Island, Greece
Corridor of Hotel Anatoli… Habibi Habibi…

Hope you liked my Saronic Gulf Experience. Do not forget to share your comments and experiences in the comment box below.

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Happy Travelling!


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