Best Twitter Reactions on Narendra Modi’s photoshopped image

Narendra Modi and Dinosaur

#PhotoshopSarkar was trending all day on Twitter! Here’s why?

One of Narendra Modi’s images surveying the Chennai floods was photoshopped and it was posted on Twitter by a government agency! Eventhough PIB (Press Information Bureau) deleted the tweet soon after it was caught but it didn’t save them from the rage of the twitterverse.

Here are some of the best tweets on the topic, enjoy and don’t forget to share!

  1. First up here’s the culprit image that was posted by PIB. Realistically speaking that is actually a very shoddy Photoshop job.

    PIB Photoshopped Image of Narendra Modi

  2. Here’s Narendra Modi being accompanied by an anonymous skydiving couple.

    Narendra Modi's Photoshopped Image

  3. Narendra Modi never shies away from his daily chores. Washing clothes is one of them!

Narendra Modi's Photoshopped image

    4. Narendra Modi was also visited by Aamir Khan to ask if he could shift to Singapore after the Prime Minister’s recently concluded trip.

Narendra Modi and Aamir Khan

     5. While on his way to Chennai the Prime Minister also witnessed the Russian fighter being shot down by Turkey                        army

Russian Fighter Turkey

6. No matter where Narendra Modi is the Baba is not too far. Baba Ramdev was seen promoting his brand!

Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev


7. Narendra Modi also got sucked into a black hole and entered a different dimension to witness pre-historic                  creatures. Surprisingly he doesn’t seem amused.

Narendra Modi and Dinosaur


8. And then there was Modiception!

Narendra Modi

Here is the real image that was posted by Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle.

Narendra Modi

Hilarious isn’t it? If you have even better ones do share them with me.. Cheers!



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