How to Make Pasta Al forno? Hubby Special!

Pasta Al forno

Whenever I am super hungry, Pasta Al forno (My Husband’s mouthwatering pasta recipe) is the first thing that comes to mind. It is one thing that I can drool for anytime…. Just give it a look below… Yumm Yumm…

How to Make Pasta Al forno?
Okay, coming back to “How to make Pasta Al forno?

What will you need to cook this special pasta?

  • Pasta (Any make… I prefer Penne) – 500g
  • Mustard Oil – 2 table spoon
  • Vegetables – any, you like (I use eggplants, bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and baby corns)
  • Tomato puree – 4 packs (200g each)
  • 3 types of Cheese – Mozzarella, cheese slices, and any other (of your choice)
  • Garlic – 5 cloves
  • Salt to taste
  • And some Oregano – to sprinkle at the end

How to Make Pasta Al forno?

Step by step guide to make Pasta Al forno –

  1. Boil the pasta (raw) for 8-10 minutes on medium flame. Also, add half a tea spoon of salt and one tea spoon of oil in it. Ensure that the pasta should not be overcooked or soggy as it has to face some more cooking sessions.
  2. Meanwhile your pasta is boiling, cut all vegetables in desired shape n size. I prefer thin and long sliced bell peppers, eggplant cut in cubes and mushrooms and baby corns cut in half.
  3. Now, take a big pan or a Kadhai, put mustard oil in it and keep it on medium flame.
  4. Add garlic cloves in it and sauté for a minute.
  5. Now add all the vegetables in it and sauté for 3-4 minutes until slightly crunchy.
  6. Put the Tomato puree in it, mix well and cook for some good 5 minutes. Bring it to boil!
  7. Now, you can add the cooked pasta in the mixture, a piece of cheese to add flavor, salt as per taste and stir well.
  8. Cook the entire thing for next 3 minutes and yes, keep stirring in between.
  9. Turn off the flame. Take a huge microwavable bowl and set the pasta in layers. Okay, let me tell you how? Grease the bowl with oil, put some pasta mixture as the first layer, and grade some mozzarella to form the second layer, again put some pasta, and on top of it create a layer with cheese slices, again some pasta and mozzarella…. Repeat… Repeat… Repeat… until pasta mixture is finished! (You can use less cheese or more cheese as per taste and calories you want to intake… Lol)
  10. Now, put the bowl in the microwave and bake for 15 minutes (Kindly, manage the time as per your Microwave model)
  11. LA LA LA… It’s done! Garnish it with Oregano and Basil.
Pasta Al forno
Me and Pasta Al forno

Trust me it is the best Pasta I ever had. My taste buds go mad for it…:)

Try this awesome recipe and do share your experience & queries in the comment box below.

Love you all,
Kanika 🙂


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