Lesser Known Facts About Rajinikanth That You Might Not Know

Rajinikanth Facts

Rajinikanth is indeed one of the best known people on the planet *autocorrect* he is the best known person in this galaxy. Well jokes apart, even Sir Rajinikanth has facts that even hardcore fans won’t know about. If you are a fan keep reading and just in case you are not be very clear that Rajinikanth might just take this very personal

1. It was very difficult for Rajinikanth to deal with sudden stardom. He went into depression and had to be hospitalized for almost six months.

Rajinikanth Facts

2. Every film that Rajinikanth is starring in is obligated to credit him as ‘Superstar Rajinikanth’. Rightly so I guess!

Rajinikanth factsImage Source

3. Superstar Rajinikanth has also starred in a 1988 Hollywood flick named ‘Bloodstone’. He was even featured on the poster, check out the poster below:

Rajinikanth in BloodstoneImage Source: Wikipedia

4. Rajinikanth refused a BMW 7 series as a gift from Shahrukh Khan after his cameo in the movie Ra.One! Now that’s a decision that only a real life superhero can afford to take.

Rajinikanth and Shahrukh KhanImage Source

5. In another report it is said that in 2006 a major cola brand approached Rajinikanth for signing him as a brand endorser and he didn’t even allow them to meet him.

Rajinikanth FactsImage Source

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