Street Christmas Carol 2015 (An Exclusive Event Review): Christmas Celebration with a Secret Uncovered!

Street Christmas Carol

Event Details: Street Christmas Carol 2015 by Colours of Hope, 24th December, Lodhi Gardens, Delhi. Open entry. Time: 3PM-5PM

I am all filled with positivity, delight and hope… the session of celebration at Street Christmas Carol 2015 was a wonder. The event included street carol singing with an aim to reveal a great message and good news in the middle of the festivity. (That I will surely share with you later in the post) Swarm of youngsters reached Lodhi Gardens, Delhi to support the event. Singing, dancing and enjoying the Christmas carols with the cool crowd was bliss.

What Is Colours Of Hope? (official)

Colours of Hope represents The Gospel which gives Hope to the people and the colours represent the variety, beauty of life and vibrancy of human race. No gender, no partiality, no group in reaching out the Gospel to the peoples. Our Gospel is full of life and beauty and it can be shared in different ways by various people to various kind of people.


Street Christmas Carol
Me with Band of Hope

The event was organized by the 3:16 band of Hope (Colours of Hope). The band members include Gaiguang Phaomei, Andrew Kamei, Alung Remmei, Lulun Vaiphei, Rapemi Khodang, Christina Thiumai, Achu Ezra, Asane Poumai, Juliana Phaomei and Kahoupou R. “We are group of young singers and musicians ready to sing & worship with anybody who loves Jesus, whenever and wherever the situation permits us.” – Says the group!

The Christmas carols sung at the event were listed in a pdf format and uploaded at various places on web, so anybody could download it and get equipped for the event. People from different nooks of the city swarmed at the event location and joined the band in spreading love, peace and Hope. The band promised to deliver a good news or rather a secret message in the middle of the event and they did so…

Hear the message given by a noble messenger!

My recommendation: If you believe in happiness and spreading joy, the event is for you! Though, attending this event could be a fun way to celebrate Christmas with known and many unknown fellows.

Some clicks from the event……

Street Christmas Carol
The Noble messenger revealing the secret message…..
Street Christmas Carol
The beautiful realm of Lodhi Gardens
Street Christmas Carol
Lots of Fun… Frolic… Dance at the street Christmas Carol event
Street Christmas Carol
Crowd in Christmas mood

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