Delhi Odd Even Formula – Hit or Shit? HTMTNT Exclusive Review!

delhi odd even plan

Kejriwal’s Odd even traffic policy has fallen on one of the world’s most polluted city (Delhi) like a missile, leaving the city with too many reactions. This plan is in a trial phase and will decide that Delhi odd even formula is actually a hit or shit.

While some Delhiites are in pain of figuring out ways to reach their destinations leaving their personal vehicles at home, the others are busy enjoying less traffic and low time consumption, especially at high traffic points.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and home minister Satyendra Jain car-pooled with transport minister Gopal Rai in his Tata Nano to the Delhi Secretariat and tourism minister Kapil Mishra took a bus to office.

Fact Sheet

  • 5,500 buses have been pressed into service to tackle the rush, but most of common janta (including me) do not know exactly on what route these buses are running. There has to be an easily accessible list!
  • Aims, Ashram Chowk, Greater Kailash, rajouri garden, madhuban chowk and many other high traffic points have witnessed significant low in Traffic. Cheers… This is heavenly!
  • Gurgaon to Delhi connecting roads like the ex-toll point near Ambience Mall Gurgaon and MG road was jam packed making commuters life miserable for hours. Well! The reason was Delhi Traffic Police stopping odd/even defaulters at the middle of the road, in the peak hours, for Challan. Who is liable here for inconvenience caused to the supporters? #noplanning
  • Data shows that every year at this point of time (Mid December – January) The pollution levels rise in Delhi. The reason for the smog is the harvest season in neighboring states (Haryana, Punjab). These numbers tend to drop after mid January. So, why Kejriwal chose this stint of time for experiment? Is this a political Propaganda?
  • Metro is expected to carry 32 lakh commuters, against the previous data of 26 lakh daily. And Delhi Metro is doing its best. Ignore all hoax!
  • Only CNG cars, Cars with Lady drivers and VVIPs are exempted from this rule. But, why VVIPs?
  • Gandhigiri! Civil defense officers were seen on roads as volunteers giving roses to people who broke the rule and were explaining and motivating people about the odd even policy
    CNG private buses running as public transport with security officers in each bus for peace and security. Again! Who will publicize the routesss…
  • Fine/challan charged of over 1000 defaulters by now. Good! Delhi Traffic police should do its duty but not at the cost of public convenience. Mind it.
  • Lol… Kejriwal called the formula a success within two hours of opening of the operation. Isn’t it too early Sir?
  • Different political figures used public transport to set an example, including commutation through E-rickshaw and bicycles (or I don’t know if this was done just to grab some publicity)
  • 40 % causes of pollution have been ignored in this operation. Who will focus on them? It has to be a fool proof plan.
  • Hero electrics runs battery operated scooties for 15 days giving free rides to people from metro stations to offices or homes. Well done!
  • INA to Dhaula Kuan free car pool services also introduced.
  • People very angry with lack of alternatives and arrangements… Lack of proper planning can lead to miserable failure of this even odd movement.
  • Pollution live meters planted in different nooks of the city to track results. Much awaited results after so much hard work!
  • Delhiites extremely happy with time and traffic control! Source: Twitter




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