How To Make Online Shopping Smarter In 2016?

online shopping

Hey, my crazy shoppers out there! Today I am going to share some amazing tips on how to be a smart online shopper in 2016. Online shopping has become quite a rage and why not, it saves you so much time and money. Forecasts and surveys predict that there is a 10% raise in the percentage of online shoppers. In fact, half of Canada shops online! Lol… So, let us get smarter this year and make online shopping more fun.

Go Mobile!

You have already entered the era where online shoppers make 70% of purchases using their mobile phones. So, smart trick number one is to download a chic mobile app that can provide you with quick price comparison of a product at various e-stores. This will help you buy the product of your choice but at the lowest price available. Smart, isn’t it? So, no more ‘showrooming’, instead say yes to ‘webrooming’.

online shopping

Coupon Fun!

Who doesn’t like an extra discount? This is the biggest charm of online shopping these days. Coupon websites like are a trusted source for online shoppers where they grab discount coupons of their favorite online stores. You can visit these websites for fetching Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupons, Amazon Coupons, eBay coupons and coupons for many other online shopping portals that might top your favorite list. Trust me the amazing discounts will leave you awe struck and will surely double your shopping fun. Plus, oodles of penny saved!

Shopaholic Buddies!

We all have at least one friend in our network who shops like mad. Yes, he or she is your next smart move… Ask your shopaholic friend about the mass budget online shopping opportunities (Like the Great India Shopping Festival) or new launches in 2016. Well! Do not get disheartened if you do not have any such buddy in the list. There are active shopping communities like DESIDIME that can aid you connect with online shopping freaks in real time. These people will help you know about every online and offline sale going around. It can not only save you some good amount of money but can also assist you in making a wise and informed decision.

Step Back!

Alert people! You might encounter some highly alluring offers and discounts online that are too-good-to-believe. Step back! This might not be for you as a trend-savvy shopper. Such discounts are given on slightly dated products and such products are not the best that money can buy. I am not saying that you can’t find awesome deals in discount seasons. But I would advise to go for a 30 percent off on a product from latest collection rather than a 50 percent off on last season stuff.

Safety First!

Folks read carefully… Stay away from online stores that do not offer secure transactions. Look for an ‘s’ in the URL after the http to indicate it’s secure (https://www.). Payments through credit card can also proffer you an additional protection, together with the right to a ‘charge back’ if you fall prey to fraud. Speak to your financial institution if this happens to you. Happy shopping is only possible if done through a trusted website. If you are experimenting with a new website, do check feedback and recommendations.


What’s your smart shopping trick for 2016? Do not forget to share below…


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