Shifting To A New City? 5 Things That Can Be Your Life Savior

Decorating your home in an entirely different fashion is definitely an interesting task, but moving from one home to a new one entirely, doesn’t top anybody’s list of favorite activities. Trust me, there are no real time shortcuts to changing spaces, but yes there are ways that can curb your pain of shifting.

Making a Moving Checklist

Creating a moving checklist is the first thing you need to do, once you are confirmed about shifting. This checklist should be exhaustive and should cover all aspects of shifting to a new home. For ease you can also create two lists, primarily BEFORE & AFTER moving checklist! Hire a nice movers and packers’ agency to sort your life and ensure that half of your energy is saved. Pack a couple of boxes yourself, not to mention, these contain your prized possessions like expensive and breakable items. My suggestion is to label every box with its destination (room) and contents. You can’t even imagine this small effort has heavenly results with 0% mess.

moving listDownsizing Belongings

Your new living space might be entirely different from the old one and thus, your home items might not fit in aptly. You need to down size or up-size your old furniture, home appliance, refrigerator, mobiles, tablets, electronics, books, clothing and other utility and storage items as per the new home. The smartest way out is to use a platform like to do the needful. These platforms allow you to put old stuff on sale and buy new products instantly. Kudos! You can also exchange useless items for the ones needed in new home. So, simply register and sell old mobiles or put your used gym equipment for sale or buy second hand books online or exchange your old furniture with a new bed or closet.


Checking Out What Is New In The New City

Well! This could be done in many ways. Research online as much as you can about the new city and the area you opted to relocate. This will give you a fair idea in advance about the geography, climate, culture, politics, rules and people of the country or state or city. Average price range on apartment rentals, stores, office to home distance and commutation, doctors, dentists, pet clinic, childcare, school, roommate options, safety and crime rates… Ah there is so much that you need to figure out in advance. To make it a really smooth relocation, take out some time before you actually shift and check out the new city. Stay as a guest of a friend or relative who lives in that city (if possible).

Making A Financial Ledger

You definitely do not wish to be penniless in only a couple of months of moving to a new city. Make an excel sheet for self use, where you need to track the probable income and realistic monthly expenses in the new city. The expenses might increase in the new place and you need to have at least 6 months of expense money saved as a cushion. Do not hesitate on exploring new income sources in the new city (some part time opportunities).

Be Smart… Use Internet!

Though this sounds obvious, but the first thing that you can depend upon in the entirely new setup is Internet. Google Maps, Yelp, City search and apps like Zomato can be your life savior in the maze. You can check out places to see, shop, hang around and eat at the convenience of a click. Chemist and Grocery, vegetable to dairy, there are some basic utility items that you cannot avoid and internet can be your lifeline to reach these on right time and right cost. If you feel like grabbing a cup of coffee or want to go out for a dinner, just click on the sites, read reviews and you are good to go. No doubt internet is an awesome tool for a good start.

google maps


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