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First Eat

Name of the Food Joint – First Eat
Location – Delivery service, Only in Gurgaon

Hi Foodies,

I recently got an opportunity to taste and review the exclusive healthy food menu of First Eat, Gurgaon. Launched in last week of October 2015, First Eat has been serving health conscious people. They started with breakfast first and now are into evening meals too.

First Eat

There app gives you various freshly prepared zero oil options and complete information on the nutrition and calorie count. After hearing about it a lot in recent past, I decided to taste and analyze, what is so special and different about it. I was assuming that it is another Start-up that offers healthy food menu (which is not so delicious, like most healthy food items). But, my perception was soon changed.


My Review

An amazing concept with a beautiful intention! First eat is one strange source of homemade food with lots of health encapsulated. It has been launched with an intention to make things easier for those who are always running late in the mornings, and thus end up skipping the most important meal of the day (Your Breakfast). First Eat is literally a blessing for those who live alone and always on hunt for homely and healthy breakfast options but end up eating oily aloo paranthas or chole kulche or samosas.

First Eat
Cold Pressed Juices

It is a delivery only breakfast/ evening snack joint with a limited menu offering eggs, poha, idlis, sauteed vegetables, salad and parathas in Gurgaon. Not to forget, they also have a couple of cold pressed, freshly made juices in the menu. The very first Item I tasted from their menu was a vegetable salad and trust me, if a salad is going to taste like this, I would rather skip eating junk food forever.

I think the team should think about expanding the menu a bit, especially the types of healthy juices they offer. One can order the food through their app or simply dial in and the food will be delivered to your desk.

Mind it! It is not only healthy but also inspired by Indian kitchen to satisfy taste buds of people asking for healthy, low calorie home food! If you believe in diet control and you are calorie-conscious… Also you want fresh food that tastes just like what your mom used to cook at home. Go for First Eat!

Ambience- 4/5

They only have a delivery service, but do have well equipped kitchen in different nooks of Gurgaon to ensure speedy delivery. And hygiene is one factor that they never seem to compromise on.

Food – 4.5/5

The First Eat Team deserves a pat on the back! They serve vegetable salad,zero oil sandwich, Idli salad, assorted paranthas, yummy poha, bomblet (omelet) and some awesome cold press juices. The items are full of fresh veggies and you can see the health factor overflowing from the very first look. They not only look good but taste good which is not so common factor when I think about healthy food stuff. I have tasted all the cold pressed juices and other items in the menu. I personally loved the salad, sandwich with crushed boiled egg (mashed boiled eggs in grilled bread, zero oil) and spinach and orange juice (refreshing yet healthy). You could opt for the veggie omelette with brown toasties, boiled egg, assorted parathas, poha (served with a packet of sev) or Sauteed Vegetable Idli Salad.

First Eat

The food is not only tasty but also very fresh and nutritious (no fat or cholesterol). The quantity seems good for one person I only felt that they should serve a little more variety. But, it is obviously excusable, considering them to be a start up.

First Eat

Service- 4.2/5

What else can be better than not breaking your health diet routine on a super hungry evening in office. First Eat delivers the food in office and at home. Packaging of food is very impressive and chosen with a thought to keep the food hot for long. The food was actually hot when it reached me and the packaging was also impressive and neat. It is evident that First Eat really cares about the health and satisfaction of their customers.The best part is that they start service at 7:30AM! This is earlier than most breakfast delivery guys in the area.

You can download their app and place an order. But, to me the app doesn’t seem the best option. I would advise them to work on the app and make it a little more user friendly. Some areas seem yet to be listed on the app. You can call them to place the order, even if your area is not listed on the app, they will surely deliver.

Pricing – 5/5

Bingo! It is super affordable as compared to any other food joint claiming to serve healthy food. Complete value for money. Rs 150 for a meal (For one)! They also have First Eat offers of the day, where one item of the day is served at Rs 44 only. Wow!

HTMTNT Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Must Try –

Boiled egg sandwich, Idli salad, Veggie mix salad and Spinach & orange Juice


Will I Order From Here Again?

A big Yes! First Eat reminds me of My Mom who won’t let me go out for work before you I obey her #PEHLEKHAO, Fir Jao” orders!

First Eat


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